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Buy Designer, Fashionable Gold, Silver, Artificial Earrings Online at SSoul Studio

Every attire requires a special touch that makes it unique! It’s the minor details that make the outfit attention worthy. A comprehensive jewellery set comprises of many different adornments such as necklaces, brooches, rings, bangles etc. Each of them beautifies the wearer in its own way. The earrings however, play the most vital part in completing the look.

Ssoul Studio understands the importance of beautifully designed earrings and we try our best to offer the latest design earrings in gold and other metals to our customers. Our website offers 100+ earrings that range from traditional to contemporary at INR 500 making it affordable to buy designer earrings online.

Our earrings are uniquely designed by skilled craftsmen with the aim to offer a complete style statement. We have extensive collections dedicated to new style gold earrings affixed with smoked gem stones that give you an elegant look. Here are some of our collections that you can choose from

Birds of Paradise

The beauty of earrings comes to live with intricately carved birds set on golden stems studded with gems and rubies. Starting at INR 1500 birds of paradise can be your first choice for any dress. You can choose from varying designs embedded with beads and gem stone for a graceful look.

Geometrical Studs

Obsessed with creatively designed studs for a modern look? Our Geometrical Studs collection laden with a piquant appeal gives you the contemporary look. You can choose from the plethoric list of designer geometrical studs available for sale on our website. Our beautifully designed studs will reiterate your destination to buy designer earrings online.


Culture defining and authentic designs make SSoul Studio the ideal destination to buy earring online in India. With our exclusive Mumba-Devi collection you can flaunt the extraordinary culture of the city of dreams. Choose from the elegantly snappy designs such as the Gateway boats, Sea link, Railway tracks etc. for your perfect evening.


Earrings inspired from spices that give you a chic appearance; if you haven’t seen them yet you need to check out our Masaale-Daar collection to buy latest earrings online. Just like they say “inspiration comes from the smallest things”; so we took it to the kitchen. The golden colour on the shapes of cardamom clove and star anise give the adornments an extravagant appeal. You can also choose from the beautiful eardrop designs created by SSoul Studio to buy eardrop earrings online.


If you are inclined towards traditional designs and quaint colours svetham will surely give you a reason to buy latest design earrings online from SSoul Studio. The Svetham collection is reflects the traditional ideology and draws inspiration from the Hindu mythology. These earrings can be paired with traditional sarees for an ethnic look or with Boho dresses for an exciting appeal.

Our extensive earrings collections are created with quality grade metals that are skin-friendly and tarnish-proof. You can also explore our other collections to buy gold earrings online on our website. We also design artificial earrings for every occasion. Our commendable and unique designs make sure that you buy artificial earrings online that make you the show stealer.

Apart from gold and aritifical jewellery we also design earrings made from silver. You can visit our store or check out our website to buy silver earrings online.